MVF Woodstock - ARI #850106
Sire: PPeruvian Leon (Full Accoyo)
Dam: NWA, Ltd. Orleana (PPeruvian Felix daughter)

- 3/4 Accoyo and Full Peruvian.
- Sound conformation, "Macho" attitude, and very dense medium brown fiber.
- In 2007, he garnered 2 blue ribbons at spin off competitions.  Judges comments
included: "Defined and consistent in crimp and architecture," "Drafts
evenly and easily," and "Very nice to spin-easy."
- With sound conformation and fiber the industry
desires, this male is available for breeding.
Breeding Fee $400
Wilpaca's Esteban - ARI #819271
Born: October 23, 1999
Sire: Peruvian Bueno G173
Dam: PPeruvian Myra B4093
Breeding Fee $600
- Sir Nitro is a true knight!  With lustrous true black fiber, he passes on the
fineness of his fiber to his crias.
- He has garnered ribbons at every show he has entered with excellent fiber
and conformation.
- In the 2002 Central New York Alpaca Classic Sir Nitro took 1st place,
and in the 2002 Big E he won 3rd place.  He won a Red ribbon in the 2002
MAPACA and in the 2002 New England Coastal Classic he won 1st place
in fiber.
- His crias have shown successfully in the large shows, winning multiple
Blue ribbons.
- Fine black fiber - Red Ribbon at 2003 AOBA spin-off, with an average
liftetime micron count of 24.
-Esteban is a Bueno son! Bueno has legendary genetics that are greatly prized.
-He won his first Red Ribbon at 11 months of age. His offspring ribbon in very
competitive shows, often with Blues and Reds.
-Esteban is full Peruvian and full Alianza, passing on the fineness and softness
of the Alianza breeding to his cria.
-With correct conformation and commanding presence, he definitely dominates
our Herdsire Row.  He exhibits a mature and mild behavior.  This gentleness is
transmitted to his offspring, producing animals that are a joy to work with.
-Beautiful white fiber averaging 23.7 microns over his lifetime.
-Esteban is a medium-sized white male, making him a good choice for the
maiden alpaca.
- He has impressive genetics as a son of Bobcat, grandson of Donatello.  Bobcat
has an impressive show record with multiple Blue and Red ribbons at the Big E in
2003 and AOBA Nationals in 2000.
- On his dam's side, Sitka is a grandson of the Accoyo male El Moustachio and
noted grandmother, PPPeruvian Salutation.  His mother is the tallest alpaca in our
herd with a strong frame.
- Sitka exhibits the strengths of his genetics: tall, strong, heavy bone, with perfect
conformation and bite.
- He has a 2 year average micron count of 22.3.
- We are excited about this white and full Peruvian male!
- His first cria, Miranda, is a sweetheart with a nice fleece and excellent
conformation and temperament.  We liked her so well that we bred Martha right
back to Sitka.
Breeding Fee $400
Breeding Fee $500
Sir Nitro - ARI #828609
Born: May 1, 2001
Sire: NZ Maori Magic
Dam: Abaco's Serraphim
-Kodiak has a striking appearance and correct conformation.  He has a
dense light fawn fleece with very acceptable crimp.
-He has an impressive genetic background of Accoyo's Felix, Mr. Know It
All, and the legendary Hemingway.
-Kodiak began his breeding career in summer 2009 and is a proven sire.
-He is proven with two lovely daughters on the ground. His dense fiber
transmits to his offspring with very nice crimp.
Bobcat Sitka - ARI #1402711
Born: July 22, 2005
Sire: CPeruvian Bobcat 0240
Dam: MVF Natasha
Lone Spruce Alpacas 3/23/13
Lone Spruce Denali Kodiak - ARI #30411586
Born: June 16, 2006
Sire: AML Denali Del Reino
Dam: NWA, LTD Orleana
Breeding Fee $500
MVF Tornado
- Tornado is a macho male full of vim and vigor.  We have used him on
maidens with good success.
- He has a beautifully colored brown fleece, which is one of the prettiest in
our herd.
- Tornado is a proven sire with two crias on the ground, Lord Nelson and
Breeding Fee $400
Summerhills Tavarez - ARI #1003833
Born: September 5th, 2003
Sire: Adriano
Dam: AML Rosie O'Grady
- Tavarez is a lovely dark silver gray herdsire that is 3/4 Chilean and 1/4
Peruvian going back to Adriano and Danko.
- He has an impressive show record in 2004 and 2005 with first place
ribbons at the 2005 Ma Paca, Empire, 04-05 North America, 2005 NE
Coastal Classic and 2nd place ribbons for 2005 NE Coastal Classic Fleece,
04 and 05 Big E, and 2004 Ma Paca.
- We are proud to add this awesome gray herdsire to our herd and look
forward to his first Lone Spruce cria being on the ground in September!
Breeding Fee $750
Summerhill's Puritan - ARI #1003857
Born: September 12, 2003
Sire: 4 Peruvian Legacy
Dam: Kilblaan Farm Margarita Gold
- Puritan boasts very fine white fiber (22.7 microns at age 8) with excellent
- As a Legacy son, Puritan's genetics also tie back to Augusto and Altiplano
Gold.  His dam, Margarita, also produced Magnum, the 13 times champion!
- Puritan has earned his own reputation with three blues, one red, and one
white to his name.
- We are excited to start using this sire in our herd to improve our fineness
and density!
Breeding Fee $600
Ideuma Creek's
Peruvian Kaptain
ARI #1003857
Born: September 12, 2003
Sire: SA Accoyo Invasion
Dam: Westwool's Aliaccoyo Kapina
-Kaptain commands attention and respect both in the ring and the field.
- He has numerous championships and blue ribbons under his belt and a 3rd place finish in the 2009 World Fleece Championship!
-3/4 Accoyo and 1/4 Alianza.  He is full Peruvian!
-His fiber is a sheer joy to feel!  He will stamp beautiful crimp, brightness, coverage, and density into the fiber of his crias!
-His sire, Invasion, is an 8X champion, 16x blue ribbon winner, and won a judges choice fleece award and best brightness award.  
All of this has been transmitted to Kaptain!
- For more info:
View My Promo Sheet!
Breeding Fee $750
Summerhill's Carson - ARI #1430936
Born: June 28, 2005
Sire: Royal Peruvian Eros
Dam: Kilblaan Farm Margarita Gold
Breeding Fee $750
- Carson is a gorgeous light fawn sire with very fine 22 micron fiber.
- Carson's genetics tie to Apollo and Legendary Royal Fawn!  His dam,
Margarita, also produced Magnum, the 13 times champion!
- Carson has an impressive show record with one championship and blue or
red ribbons in every show that he has entered.
- We are excited to start using this Eros son in our herd!
We have several blue ribbon championship herdsires available in
multiple colors.  We are proud to offer our high-quality herdsires
for diversifying your breeding program.
Breeding Fee $500
Gentle Breeze's Butterrum- ARI #31548472
Born: September 8
th, 2009
Sire: The Scotsman
Dam: 5Peruvian Camelia
- Butterrum is exactly what you would expect: butterscotch in color with an
extremely fine, buttery fleece! He is a very handsome herdsire, with correct
conformation, perfect bite, fiber filled face, and full coverage head to toe.
His fiber is dense, yet very fine, with a nice crimp and structure.
- Butterrums's dam is a 98 import from the Macusani region of Peru and
remains elegant!
- His sire, The Scotsman, is a bay black color champion and multi-Blue
Ribbon winner noted for producing very fine fleeced cria. Butterrum covers
black and will be able to produce a black cria.
- Butterrum began breeding in 2011. We look forward to the offspring from
this outstanding male. We offer him for your breeding consideration in your
Co-Owned with Kevin and Martha Cady of Gentle Breeze's Alpacas